Health & Wellness SEO: 5 Tips for an Effective Strategy

May 5, 2022
Health & Wellness SEO: 5 Tips for an Effective Strategy

An optimized digital marketing strategy is undoubtedly the most effective way for cannabis business owners to establish and grow their brand. Each day, millions of people search online for local marijuana dispensary and delivery service options. What’s more, Google tends to dominate the search engine market share in most markets nationwide. This is why, when it comes to promoting your cannabis business on the web, you will want to focus on search engine optimization. We've gathered a list of 5 tips that guaranteed to bring you more customers to your business!

#1 - Identifying Keywords

Keywords play an essential role in search engine optimization (SEO). They help the crawlers of website search engines like Google categorize and list your website pages. Every page on your website should have a focus keyword that is used in the page title, meta description, Alt tags, H1, and once or twice in the front end copy.

To create a site around a focus keyword, you need to take a look at the popularity of the keyword. There are many tools that will help you do that or you can use your favorite search engine to see how popular it is right now. You may find that it has too much competition. While it is possible to compete against big brands for a popular head term, there are less competitive alternatives available. You should then crawl your website to come up with all of the focus keywords you can use in your project.

#2 - Alt Tags and Meta Descriptions

Alt tags are text added to an image on a website that are used later by search engines and screen readers for accessibility. Alt tags also help with SEO because Google can crawl the text and provide more information about the images for better search results. Adding alt tags to your images provides both accessibility and SEO benefits, but if you’re unfamiliar with how to correctly implement them, you might be missing out on both of these important features.

It’s true that meta descriptions are not used as heavily for SEO as it used to be, but they still serve a useful purpose and Google will show it in the snippet if you use one. So bottom line, they serve a purpose from a user’s perspective (to summarize your page) and also from an SEO perspective (as organic ad text).

#3 - Building and Optimizing Content

Can we agree that Google loves fresh content? It’s true. Fresh content can get you ranked in search engines and therefore ranking higher means more traffic for your website. Growing and maintaining a strong blog is one of the best ways to keep your site’s content fresh. Starting a blog is one of the best ways to curate original content. A blog will help you keep your website updated with original, keyword-optimized content that can drive traffic to your site and keep your visitors coming back.

#4 - Local Search Optimization

So what is local search optimization? It’s the process of optimizing a website (and its content) for inclusion in local search results. When someone types something like “San Diego marijuana delivery” into Google, their search engine will find your listing and provide it in the search result. This is why it’s so important to optimize your website for local search — potentially thousands of visitors could be seeing it every month!

#5 – Backlink Strategy

The quality of the links pointing back to a website is undoubtedly one of the most important factors affecting its success. If you had to choose one strategy that you should focus on, it should definitely be attracting high-quality inbound links to your web pages. Like it or not, the cornerstone of any healthy online business is quality content. When you're getting ready to build backlinks to your website, it's important to understand that: 1. some links are better than others 2. Backlinks come in many different forms 3. Not all backlinks are created equal, and 4. It is important to understand how the search engines treat different backlinks with varying results on your website depending on the use of various link attributes (i.e., do-follow vs no-follow).


SEO is important for any website, but it’s even more important for Marijuana related websites to secure their spot on the first page of Google. After all, who doesn’t want more organic traffic? These 5 tips we went over will improve your marijuana SEO efforts and drive traffic to your website. Building meaningful content for your customers & consistently publishing on a blog can be focused on to move higher through the Google rankings. Keeping your business listings up to date & developing geo-targeted landing pages should follow so that your local customers can find your physical dispensary and your competitors don’t take all of the business! Finally, an ongoing effort to remove toxic links and attract high-quality link relationships should ensue and be part of your website maintenance plan.

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